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7 ways to make the eyes for your toy

The eyes are one of the first things we pay attention to when we see a stuffed amigurumi. Gorgeous eyes can turn the simplest toy into a masterpiece. However, the eyes can ruin a well-crocheted toy if they don’t match.

Thinking about what should you use to make eyes and how to make them?

how to make eyes for crochet knitting toy

There are several ways of making the eyes for your toy:

  • to embroider them;

Toys with embroidered eye
  • to use plastic safety eyes;

toy with safety plastic eyes
toys with glass cabochons
Toy with polymer clay eyes
  • to use beads or half beads;

doll with half beads
  • to combine white felt and beads or half beads;

toy with felt and half beads
crocheted eyes

We have prepared a series of articles which will tell you how to make the eyes for your toy using most of the methods mentioned above.

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