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LittleOwlsHut is a small publishing company. We translate crochet patterns from Russian to English and other languages and promote work of Russian designers.

 LittleOwlsHut Designers

Galina Astashova

She designs toys mostly for experienced crocheters. Toys usualy have wire frame, a lot of shaping and decorating. 

Svetlana Pertseva

Her designs are mostly for intermediate and experienced crocheters. Wire frame, tinting, felting are skills needed to make her toys.

Svetlana Zabelina

She loves to designe bookmarks, potholders and decor. If you are looking from where to start crochet jorney, her patterns are right for you. Beginner and Easy levels of patterns is her speciality.

Olga Borisenko

If you are looking for intermediate level patterns you may be interested to chek out her cute toys. Fast to make and easy to follow patterns.

Svetlana Bakaeva

Fun and challenging patterns it is what she loves to write. Always happy to designe toys looking at funny post card or picture. 

Tatiana Chirkova

Crochet patterns of realistic looking dogs is her passion. If you have a Terrier or Spaniel  her patterns may help to create miniature version of those dogs. Lern something new evry time you use one of her patterns. 

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