Frequently Asked Questions


Below, we have compiled a list of the questions we are asked most often. This FAQ is a work in progress and we will add answers as more questions arise. If your question is not answered here, or you’d like any more information, please email us.




Frequently Asked Questions

About LittleOwlsHut

Who is LittleOwlsHut?

Where can I find all patterns of particular designer?

About LittleOwlsHut patterns

I’m a beginner – where should I start?

I’m a beginner – which patterns are most suitable for me?

Buying Patterns

How can I pay for my order?

Can I pay in my own currency?

I’ve bought a pattern – how and when will I receive it?

I’ve bought a pattern – what may I do with it?

Can I send your patterns as a gift?

Can I buy a printed copy of your patterns?

What may I do with your patterns and finished projects?

I’ve bought a pattern – what may I do with it?

May I sell items I’ve made using your patterns?

Commission Requests

Can I commission you to design a pattern?

Can I commission you to crochet something for me?

Can you make a video/tutorial for a certain crochet stitch or pattern?

Order Troubleshooting

How do I download patterns?

I didn’t receive an order confirmation.

How do I download my pattern to my iPad or iPhone?


Are your patterns available in my language?

May I offer you my services as a translator?

May I translate your free patterns and post them on my blog/website?


May I teach a class using one of your patterns?

May I link to your pattern/tutorial in my pattern?

May I include your pattern in my pattern?

May I post your photos on my blog?


May I link to your pattern/tutorial on my blog?

Crochet-Along FAQ

What’s a CAL (crochet-along)?

Why CALs are on Ravelry group?

How do I enter a LittleOwlsHut CAL?

How do I add my project photo to a CAL thread?

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