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Finished products created using our patterns may be used for commercial sale, provided you comply with the following:

  1. The items must be 100% handmade by you - the purchaser of the pattern (no production-line allowed). Every person who uses our patterns to make items for sale must have their own copy of the pattern.

  2. Any items for sale must state in the item description that they are based on ‘LittleOwlsHut’ pattern, include the name of the designer and also include a link to our website ( or a link where to by the pattern. Example: I made this doll using crochet pattern of Svetlana Pertseva from

  3. Any items you sell based on our patterns must feature only your own photographs of the item you have made to sell. You do not have permission to use our photographs to help sell your work.


If you have an online shop where you sell items made from our patterns, you’re eligible to be included in our list of LittleOwlsHut-designed toy sellers, and get some free publicity for your shop. It’s 100% free service to you! Please visit "Turn your passion into a business page" for details on how to apply.


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