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9 TIPS How to crochet using fluffy/fancy/eyelash/chenille yarn

If you like crocheting toys, you will be definitely tempted to try some fancy yarn, be it fluffy, eyelash or chenille yarn.

Fluffy types of yarn used in LOH patterns

In many LittleOwlsHut patterns you have to work with this kind of yarn. Fluffy toys are so huggable and cute.

Our designers use this yarn to create all kinds of amigurumi.

LittleOwlsHut crochet patterns

Here are some general tips how to work with fancy yarn.

1. Try to feel your stitches instead of seeing them. Once you do a few rounds you should be able to get a feel for where your stitches are as you learn the new yarn/hook tension.

As you can see in Rabbit Dude crochet pattern, it is almost impossible to see the stitches.

Part of the Rabbit dude toy

2. Count! Divide your round up into 4/5/6, etc. sections - use metal safety pins or extra thread markers if it helps and know how many stitches need to be in each section.

3. Don’t be too concerned if you’ve got an extra stitch or are one stitch short. Unless you’re 3 or 4 or more off, you won’t see a big difference. If you are off by a lot, carefully frog back because otherwise you’ll end up with funny dints and bumps even the fluffy yarn won’t be able to hide. If the yarn gets stuck, use a sewing needle to help you to frog. If you pull it hard, it will only get more stuck so you will need to cut the yarn.

4. Do not start working with this type of yarn if you are a beginner crocheter. First, try crocheting the toys with smooth yarn. When you feel confident enough, start getting some new experience with fluffy yarn.

Here is the example of the same toy worked with smooth and chenille yarn. Both toys are very cute!

Useful monsters by Borisenko LittleOwlsHut

These projects were taken from our Ravelry group. The toys are crocheted by Lori WillowRavenStorm and Lynne Bubbabears.

5. If you are just getting acquainted with this type of yarn, we recommend that you avoid dark colors at first. Choose light colors to learn how to crochet with fluffy yarn.

Choose light colors if you are a beginner.

6. Make sure you have enough light around you.

7. If you use eyelash yarn, try to rewind the skein before you start.

8. If you are an experienced crocheter, you may try working with this yarn inside out. If you are a beginner, crochet the usual way and then brush up the toy. Working inside out may be a bit confusing and even challenging. Here is the example of Granddad’s head. The right side of your work will end up being the wrong side (inside) of the head. It means that the outside (right side) of the head will be the one that has the most fluff on it

The wrong side of your work = the right side of the head

And the right side of your work (the wrong or inside of the head) will look like this:

The pattern for Granddad has another trick that will help you to work with eyelash yarn. 8. You may carry a fine plain thread along with your fluffy yarn. Make sure it matches the color of your fluffy yarn. It will help you to see the stitches. However, the gauge may change accordingly.

9. Add fluffy yarn to some part of the toy only

Sometimes you don’t have to crochet the whole toy with fluffy yarn. In the Spaniel pattern you have to add fluffy yarn only to some parts of the legs and the belly.

English cocker spaniel's legs LittleOwlsHut

It is very difficult sometimes to find the fluffy yarn that matches your main yarn’s gauge. Here is the trick you may use in this case.

Advantages of this method – thick hair, no distortion of the piece

Disadvantages of this method – it takes a lot of time.

After working some rows or rounds with the main yarn, put a thread of fluffy yarn with its fluffy part looking down on the right side:

put a thread of fluffy yarn with its fluffy part looking down on the right side

Insert the hook from the back side between the stitches of just crocheted row or round and pull up a loop of fluffy yarn leaving all fluffy part at the right side. If it is difficult for you to work the fluffy yarn with the hook you worked the main yarn with, try using slightly bigger hook instead.

pull up a loop of fluffy yarn leaving all fluffy part at the right side

Insert the hook between the next two stitches, pull up the loop and pull it through the previous one making 1 slip stitch.

pull up the loop
make 1 sl st

Continue adding fluffy yarn where needed using this simple way. Make sure you do not tighten your work. You’re supposed to end up with a nice row of slip stitches on the back side.

nice row of sl sts on the back side

Cut fluffy yarn and carefully pull both yarn tails to the back side:

pull both yarn tails to the back side

You will have the fluffy part of the yarn being on the right side of your work.

fluffy part of the yarn being on the right side of your work

Work the next row with the main yarn. Then work the 2nd row with fluffy yarn again the same way inserting the hook between the stitches without tightening the piece. Do the same until the piece is finished.

wrong side
right side with all the fluff

To sum it all up, don’t be afraid to learn something new.

We hope our pieces of advice will encourage you to try some interesting patterns involving different kinds of fancy yarn.

Don't forget to save this article to your Pinterest board so you can always find it later.

Here is the picture for you.

9 tips how to crochet using fluffy fancy eyelash yarn


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