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Here is how you can get LittleOwlsHut patterns for free


Get LittleOwlsHut pattern of your choice for free if you open a shop on Etsy

Etsy offers 40 free listings to everyone who invite new person to open a shop with them. New shop owner also get 40 free listings. All you have to do is to click on this link >> and follow the instructions. You can put up for sale anything you like. It can be you finished crochet or knitting project, postcard you made a long time ago, picture of a craft your son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter did or even a picture of your ear ;-). Just open a shop with something for sale to start and mayby later you will find something else for sale. It Is fine if your first item will not be sold, listing will expire in a few months itself.

Here is how invitation looks like:

When you click on the link >> and create your own profile on Etsy I will get notification about it. Something like on the picture below.

As soon as your shop is OPEN with at least 1 item for sale I will receive a letter from Etsy about your new shop.

Like on the picture below.

I will click on the name of your shop and send you a privat message on Etsy asking which pattern would you like to get for free.


Join 50 000+ other people who alredy have a shop on Etsy by clicking on this link and get yourself free pattern from LittleOwlsHut


If you already have a shop you can always open a new one using your another email address. 

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