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Meet the designer: Galina Astashova

Galina Astashova Designer LittleOwlsHut

Her hallmark can be easily recognised in every handiwork of the designer toy. The eyes are likely the real giveaway - soulful, a bit naive but perky look, total bewilderment and healthy dose of carelessness. Who can resist falling in love with such cuties?

We are always in rush, fidgety and busy people, who too worn out just to stop and take advantage of proper rest. Take breath for the important and sought-for leap forward.

It was Galina Astashova who made such breakthrough couple of years ago. She nothing but took the crochet in her hands and built fairy tale: lots of designer toys that can't help but enchant, bring joy and evoke smiles.

"My little freaks are not for the public at large. Someone could consider them oddball, others see them with zest" - anyway her little lively dears have their own individuality. "I know for sure that there are some admirers of my art as well as those who strongly and flatly cannot take my crochet creatures. Matter of taste! The main, great and most significant thing here is to draw the emotions, whether positive or negative, - emotions! It motivates me to work further, to craft more!"

​My first designer toy appeared eventually, as I wanted to make little special present for my dear niece. That time I did not have any proper and worthy pattern, the only yarn I had was green - that all resulted into little frog (which is by the way the prototype of my Frog Kvak. Then Mister Rat appeared.

Rat littleowlshut amigurumi astashova

Thereafter I was surprised to find that I am not alone in my passion to crochet toys - and even more these toys have their own name, followers, and peculiarities - amigurumi.


As the starting point of my crochet career I consider Cat Siam by Svetlana Pertseva. Have you seen her absolutely mind-blowing toys? They are so awesome that made me wish to make my own ones. Something equally thrilling".

Here you can see my most popular crochet patterns:

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