Why learn how to crochet?


It's easy to learn to crochet, plus crochet uses inexpensive tools and materials to create beautiful handmade toys or home decor. Join young and old who love to crochet. 


Mastering the techniques of this intricate yet simple handiwork offers the opportunity for the soon-to-be-accomplished crocheter to become known far and wide for the fabulous handcrafted gifts that can be created from a few skeins of yarn and one little hook. Crochet is not a complicated process once the new crocheter understands how it builds from a basic chain into a beautiful toy or decor.

Get started with crochet! From holding your hook to creating a beautiful granny square blanket, get the techniques you need to crochet with confidence!

Stitch your way to better crochet! Develop a better understanding of patterns, measure gauge and play with stitch construction for better results.                              

Crochet with Linda to embellish pillowcases, blankets, earrings, flowers, trims and more while learning professional finishing techniques.

Brand-new crocheters will learn the basics, while crochet veterans will enjoy making whimsical and cuddly bears, deers, raccoons and bluebirds.