About Kate and LittleOwlsHut

Welcome to our craft cite!


My name is Ekaterina Sharapova and I am an editor, interpreter, writer, blogger, and multi-crafter.


My experience in designing  patterns is not huge (I’ve designed only 3 patterns so far) but I think I know how to make patterns nice looking and helpful.


I started to crochet when I was 8 years old. Almost every summer my family spent holidays at grandmother house in a small village in Russia. One day I was bored and asked mum to buy me a craft book. She came home with a book about knitting and crochet. Next two months I was busy making every designe from that book.


Few years ago my friend Tais asked me if I would like to help her with crocheting something for a craft show she wanted to participate in, I said yes, and made a few small projects. It was the time before Christmas so I thought it may be a good idea to designe a christmas tree. It was my first designe ;-) Some ladies asked if I can teach them how to crochet my christmas tree and the first pattern was written. 

Few months later, while searching on the internet for a new project, I found a toy which I wanted to crochet. I have never seen anything like that before on english sites so I thought It might be a good Idea to translate those pattern to english and see how people will respond to it. The pattern was "Frog Kvak" by Galina Astashova. 
We spent 3 months together preparing our first patern and finally it was released with huge sucess. Then was second and third pattern. Other russian designers started to ask me if I could help them to translate patterns and that is how the story of the LittleOwlsHut begun...